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"We called Duane Clarke and EM Blue Roofing when water was dripping down the ceiling fan shaft onto the bed in our master bedroom. Water was literally dripping onto my wife and I during a storm one night. Duane and his crew came right out, found and fixed the problem.…"

~ Phil Downs - Peachtree City, GA | Mar 14, 2011

Repair Or Replace Your Roof With The Local Expert

Are You Concerned About Your Roof?

  1. Yes! I see water coming in my house
  2. Yes! Some of the shingles are missing
  3. Yes! We just had a storm. I want it checked out
  4. Yes! My neighbors had hail damage. Do I have it too?
  5. Yes! My roof is old. It's time to replace it
  6. Yes! I think my chimney is leaking

The Roof Is Your Home's Primary Defense Against The Elements

Delaying Maintenance Will Result In Costly Damage

Let The Local Roofing Expert Fix Your Roof

Duane Is Easy To Reach

We will answer your call and set up a time to meet that fits your schedule. If your roof needs attention, you'll be placed on our calendar of priority projects.

It's that easy!

I make sure that you can get hold of me quickly.

Your Roof Will Look Great!

You'll be happier knowing that no water is getting in your home.

No more fear of rain in the forecast. No more worrying about the integrity of your roof.

Your home and family will be protected with Duane and E.M. Blue taking care of your roof.

35 Years In The Industry, 20 Years In The Area

We are a local, licensed and insured, qualified contractor. Our expertise assures that the job will be done right the first time.

Located in Peachtree City for the last 20 years and with 1000's of happy customers, Duane has mastery in shingle, tile, metal panel, torch-down, copper, zinc and slate roofs.

What You Can Expect From E.M. Blue

1. 20+ Yrs Of Experience & Professionalism So You Know You Can Count On Us

2. Quality Services & Products Every Time

3. A Local Roofer So We Will Always Be Here

4. Our Quality Guarantee So You Know You Will Be Taken Care Of

Is Our Work On Display?

Absolutely. In The Community, and Here On Our Site

You will be making a decision regarding who to hire to fix or replace your roof. We wish to prove to you that we are the experts.

There is no better way than to showcase some of our recent work.

Feel free to read through some of the jobs that we have published. As you see the jobs, you will see examples of common roof problems.

Recent Roofing Projects

Chimney Siding Repair Peachtree City, Ga

Brief Explanation:

All houses are susceptible to water damage as they age. It is critical to repair and replace siding that has become compromised by water damage.

If left unattended, this minor appearance issue can and will become a much bigger, more costly structural concern. It also can lead to hazardous living conditions.

Roofing Experts in Peachtree City

Brief Explanation:

Hello my name is Duane Clarke and E. M. Blue Roofing is my company. I am an expert roofer in Peachtree City.

Fallen Tree Roof Repair Peachtree City

Brief Explanation:

Check out how we repaired this fallen tree repair! If a tree has fallen on your roof and caused damages, call E.M. Blue Inc today!

We Have Compiled Many More Jobs For You To Browse Through

Let us know what further information you'd like to see about E.M. Blue that will make you more confident in choosing us.

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Where Do Our Testimonials Come From?

Customer feedback is very valuable to E.M. Blue Roofing. Our customers help us know what we're doing right. In order to acquire as much feedback as possible we have hired a third party review acquisition team.

There are two main methods by which our customers can leave feedback.


We encourage open communication throughout the process of completing your repair or re-roof. Direct feedback while during, or upon completion of the job is invited.


Reviews may be left online. Google Reviews, Facebook Page, Email Response, Text Response, and even Phone Call reviews are encouraged. We publish these reviews and allow other potential customers to get an honest snapshot of what it is like to work with E.M. Blue Roofing.

Recent Customer Reviews

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Jodi Faith

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 26, 2016
“I used Duane, with E.M. Blue, to fix some flashing that had pulled loose from the dormers on my house. Also for a couple of little leaks on the back side of my house. I was so pleased with his work, his professionalism, his pricing. The workers that he had with him were so courteous. It was an overall wonderful experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs work on their roof or gutters or whatever service that he offers. He would be a great person to call.

Pleased With His work, Professionalism, And Pricing

Services Provided

Flashing Repair, Roof Repair, Leak Repair


Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jun 30, 2016
“We got 3 bids to repair our roof from tree damage and found that EM Blue was reasonably priced, and we had confidence that they would inspect and repair our roof completely - beyond the specific area that I had called them for. The side of our roof was damaged from tree branches, and the chimney cap was missing the spark arrestor cap. When Duane Clark inspected our roof, he found 2 other areas that needed fixing. He also explained how he was going to add the chimney cap and fit over a double flue. While doing the job, they discovered some rotted plywood under the shingles, and replaced that for no additional charge. He also painted the chimney shroud so that it would look good from the street and yard. Duane and his crew are easy to work with, honest and do excellent work. They are attentive to the details and are interested in ensuring a solid and secure roof - not just how fast they can finish and move on to the next job

A Solid And Secure Roof In Peachtree City, GA

Services Provided

Chimney Cap Repair, Shingle Repair, Roof Decking Repair

Fred Sambrone

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jul 7, 2016
“I'm a Peachtree City resident and recently Mr. Duane Clarke did some soffit repair for me. I was very impressed by the work. I did see where it needed some additional attention and he and his crew were there the next morning to take care of it for me and to repair it to my satisfaction. I really appreciate it so much.

I Was Very Impressed By The Work

Services Provided

Soffit Repair, Roof Repair

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