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Chimney Brick Sealant Peachtree City

chimney brick sealingWe have recently done a chimney brick sealant job in Peachtree City. Our client has a chimney in his new home that leaked and he needed a chimney repair, so we bid to seal up all the large holes then seal up the entire chimney. Here at E.M. Blue, we offer many services to our clients, so if you need a roof repair, roof replacement, or anything else done on your roof, calll E.M. Blue Inc. today!

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Chimney Sealant

Brick Sealing Process

chimney brick sealingWe started this job on Wednesday, April 2nd. We first had to pressure wash all the old tar repairs off the brick. There was mold on the chimney that also came off with this pressure washing.

We then applied the thick, clear, sealer Geocel in a tube to the large holes in the brick and mortar. We then came back a third time and applied the brushable Geocel sealer to the whole brick face. This brushable Geocel’s job is to seal up the porous brick.

Results of this Sealed Chimney In Peachtree City

chimney brick sealingAt first, we were concerned that the homeowners would not like the shiny, darker finish to the brick, but that was not a concern. People need to be aware that brick (which everyone commonly believes is waterproof) is actually like a sponge and soaks in water instead of repelling it. This chimney leaking problem had been problematic for years, but since our chimney brick sealing they have not had a problem yet.

Chimney Repair Peachtree City

chimney repairE.M. Blue does roofing and chimney repairs in Peachtree City and surrounding locations! We also do custom chimney caps for our clients who need new chimney caps. In this article you’ll read about a recent chimney repair we’ve done in Peachtree City. Our client, Christine, called and needed to have a chimney leak fixed on an empty house. We checked out the chimney leak and found that the flashing wasn’t done correctly.

Chimney Flashing Installation

chimney repairWe bid to install a bottom saddle, step flashing and counter flashing all the way around the chimney to fix the problem. We began by tearing off the shingles around the upper cricket. When repairing a roof, we must always strip it of the existing material. This not only reveals any more damage (if any), but also allows us to start new with the proper roofing materials.

We then installed the bottom saddle which was custom made and the step flashing up both sides of the chimney and up both sides of the cricket. We integrated the shingles and step flashing as we went. Once these were in place, we installed the counter flashing over top the step flashing.

Chimney Repair Results

chimney repairThis job turned out well. It was a steep roof so we had to use ropes and shingle pads, but we were able to get the job completed in one day. The realtor was really happy with the chimney being fixed because the painters were now able to go inside and fix the paint on the ceiling. Because of the leak it had ruined the paint.